In view of the rapid and successive changes in the fields of medical education, with the effort of The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and the Medical Sector of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities in constructing a comprehensive development of the medical education system in Egypt. Tanta Faculty of Medicinetake the opportunityto hold the Tanta International Conference of Medical Education (TIMEC) and invited a group of brilliant professors specialized in the field of medical education to study the latest methods of curriculum development, teaching methods, assessment and clinical education.The Conference aims to raise teaching standards and forge interprofessional educational collaborations. The conference aims to provide delegates with the ideas and information to improve their educational practice, and allow them to collaborate across organizational and geographic boundaries, to build greater improvements for the future. The conference will consist of stimulating keynotes and a range of parallel sessions covering the full span of current issues and initiatives in medical education and training.


Tanta Faculty of medicine
The Tanta Faculty of Medicine (TFM), Tanta University, Tanta, Egyptis a governmental Faculty that was established in 1963. The period of study at the Faculty is six years. It grants the Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery through medicine and surgery program. The first class was graduated in the academic year 1969-1970.TFM offers MSc and MD (Doctor of Medicine) training program. TFM will start a new competency based curriculum this year (TCBBP). For more information, please visit

Scientific Committee (alphabetical order)

Organizing Committee (alphabetical order)

  Head:Prof. Amel Hashish Head:Prof. Amal Mahfouz  
  Prof. Azza Abo-Raia
Prof. Azza Hassan
Prof. Hesham El-Tokhy
Prof. Mona Abu-Elnour
Prof. Naglaa Sarhan
Prof. Waleed Samy  
Prof. Amal Halawa
Prof. Amr Gawaly
Prof. Eiman  Adel  Hasby
Prof. Hanan Soliman
Prof. Kamal Okasha
Prof. Manal Elbaramawy
Prof. Marwa Adel  Hasby
Prof. Mohamed Elshanshory
Prof. Nabil El-Sheikh
Prof. Nashwa Abou El-Soud
Prof. Nehal Elmashad
Dr. Amira Elhawary
Dr. Islam Elhawary
Dr. Mohamed Hassan
Dr. Sherin Ali
Dr.Yaser Hafez
Eng.Abdelmohsen  Alaam

Mrs. Rania Abdel Ghany
Mrs. Swasan Abd Salam
Mr. Usama Hussin