Welcome to Tanta International Medical Education Conference (TIMEC-2017) // ‎********* TIMEC was approved by American ‎Association of Continuing Medical ‎Education (AACME) and have 27 ‎accredit hours, على جميع الزملاء المسجلين بدورة D التوجه لمركز الخدمة العامة لمراجعة بياناتهم استعدادا لبدء الدورة

Tanta International Medical Education Conference

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Tanta International Medical Education Conference (TIMEC 2017) scheduled ‎during September 17-21, 2017 in Tanta, Egypt, welcome you all to this ‎important event where experts of Medical Education meet to address the latest ‎advances and ideas. Themed "Innovation in Medical Education", the ‎conference promises a more holistic approach with a focus on enhancing ‎educators' teaching competencies, innovative teaching and assessment.‎ Our commitment is to promote open, transparent and international scientific ‎exchange on the “Scholarly approaches to address challenges in medical ‎education to improve pedagogy”, recognized need for collaboration across ‎traditional boundaries, and contribute to the improvement of efforts taken to ‎tackle impacts of Medical Education. We hope to truly inspire all educators to ‎enhance their teaching competencies as they nurture the next generation. ‎ The Conference also, having CME Credits accredited by AACME, beneficial ‎for the development and advancement of professional careers.‎ We look forward to meeting you in Tanta, Egypt.‎ With best regards, ‎

Under The Patronage of :


Prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghafar

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Prof. Ibrahim Salem

Vice President And Acting President of Tanta University

Prof. Amgad A. Farahat

 Conference President
Dean of Tanta Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Ahmad Shakal

 Conference Vice President  
Vice Dean of Tanta Faculty of Medicine

                                  Prof. Waleed Samy

                          Conference Secretary General
                              Tanta Faculty of Medicine